Sexy Brunette Step-mom Allison Moore Seduces Brad

From Lethal Pass

Starring Allison Moore, Bradley Remington

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Added July 28 2015

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Sexy as fuck step-mom, Allison Moore is working on her cardio at the gym when she bumps into her step-son, Bradley Remington. Allison has always had an intense sexual attraction to her step-son and has always quelled her lust...until now. She bends over in her spandex pants and places his hand along her ass and then lets him feel her pussy. Brad's cock gets hard instantly. Before he can protest, Allison loses her pink shirt and wags her beautiful, huge tits in his face. Unable to resist, Brad watches his own step-mom give him a blowjob and then she sweetly whispers that she wants him inside of her...

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