Alyssa Lynn Gets Intense Creampie From Step-Son

From Lethal Pass

Starring Alyssa Lynn

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Added July 27 2015

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Horny Step-mom, Alyssa Lynn wastes no time trying to get that young cock! After picking up her step-son, David Loso from the airport, she immediately propositions him in her car, rubbing his thigh and showing off her juicy cleavage. Back at the house, she climbs on David's lap and motorboats her gigantic tits in his face until he succumbs to his own lustful desires and before he knows it, he's watching his own step-mom suck his cock! Then, he grabs her ankles and spreads her thick thighs apart and plows his hard dick right inside Alyssa's MILF pussy and pounds and fucks her until he shoots his entire fucking load inside of her!

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