Inexperienced Dudes Always Creampie Their Step-moms

From Lethal Pass

Starring Eva Long

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Added November 13 2014

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Eva Long has had a lustful eye on her young step-son, Codi for quite some fuckin' time. She finds her alone on the couch late at night and decides, right then and there, to straddle his lap! Instinctively, Codi's hands fly to Eva's awesome ass and grips those cheeks firmly as Eva pulls down her shirt and feeds him her giant boobs. Then, slowly crawling towards the floor, on her knees, she begins giving a spectacular blowjob to Codi until his cock is as hard as a steel girder. Then, ever so gently, she raises her cunt precariously above his raging boner and eases down, feeling all 10 inches of young cock pushing through her sex-starved pussy!

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