Crazy Beautiful Lesbians with Mouth-Watering Tits

From Lethal Pass

Starring Anissa Kate, Emily Addison

Tags Anal Licking, Fingering, Girl On Girl, Oral Sex

Rating Rated 2,002 times

Added May 29 2012

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Wily hottie, Anissa Kate sneaks up on her friend, Emily Addison as she's napping in her bed. Anissa wakes her up gently by laying delicate kisses along her neck. With one smooth motion, Anissa yanks off her top, spilling out two huge cannonball titties. Emily and Anissa sit up on the bed in their skimpy panties and press their hot, aching flesh together, peppering their respective big titties with devilish little kisses. This slow, sensual dance quickly leads to hot fingering and oral tonguing of twats. Anissa gets to taste cunt first, swishing mad circles around and on Emily's wet slit. Don't forget to eat that delicious ass too!

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