Aj Applegate Gets Committed to the NUThouse

From Lethal Pass

Starring Aj Applegate

Tags Blowjobs, Facial Cumshots

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Added April 09 2013

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Aj wakes up in a mysterious room with no idea how she got there. Turns out, her slutty antics have gotten her into trouble and she's been sent off to the nuthouse! In order to test her will, Dr. Billy slides his cock through the glory hole and taunts her with his giant, fat cock. Aj sees that delicious dick just dangling there, waiting to be suckled. She feels her cunt getting more wet by the second and before she knows it, she's lost all control and finds her lips wrapped around that fat missile cock. She slurps his rod while playing with her horny snatch. See this crazy cock whore satisfy her dick obsession!

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